I'm Morten Schmidt. A freelance conceptual copywriter from Copenhagen.

Danish Technological Institute

Sometime ago we did this little thing for the Danish Technological Institute who wanted generate more sign-ups for their courses. People love comparing themselves with others. So we created an online test where you could calculate your true ‘Career Age’ and find out whether you're ahead or behind in the job market. Based on the results we then offered tailored suggestions of courses people could take to catch up or stay ahead.


The idea of finding your 'Career Age' really struck a cord with our audience and within the first month 60,000 people had taken the test and 10,000 users sought additional information on their website about the courses. But, best of all, sign-ups rose 38% when compared to the same time last year.

Donér en Döner

For the 3rd year in a row,  Philip and I have been shortlisted at the Danish Internet Awards in the student category DIA Future. The last two years we made it to the stage, and hopefully we'll do it again. This years brief was set by the Danish food bank who were on the hunt for more donations. Based on the insight that people actually do want to help, but just can't be bothered, we wanted to make the donations effortless. So when Danes are ordering food on their favourite take-away website they will get the option of adding 5 kr. (little less than a dollar) to their bill simply by clicking a button. 5 kr. is enough for the food bank to provide a meal to someone who's hungry, just like the person ordering food on 

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Döner Larsen

A couple of weeks ago Philip and I stumbled upon a pun.. (No pun intended). Anyway, in Denmark we have a legendary entrepreneur, Lars Larsen aka Dyne-Larsen (Eng: Duvet-Larsen). He's kind of the Danish version of Steve Jobs, except he sells duvets instead of computers. He is famous for his low budget tv commercials starring himself giving you "a good offer". In danish "duvet" and "Döner" sounds pretty much alike. So we made up "Döner Larsen" and remixed one of the old ads to suit the new name.

The original ad:

Our remake:

It was a silly idea but people seemed to like it. It went straight to the top of Danish Reddit. Also, a Danish unknown comedian decided to download the video from youtube and post it on his facebook. Even JYSK, the company we're spoofing, shared the video and now it has over 100.000 views. It was a very good day on the internet.

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After being at M&C Saatchi London for two months Philip Bock and I noticed that something's not right at 36 Golden Square. We believe that this is where the New World Order emerges. We believe that this is the head quarter of The Illuminati.

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The Show Wheel

Philip and I just got back from Cream portfolio exhibition at BBH London. Instead of bringing a classic A3 portfolio book with our work in, we wanted to do something else. And since we didn’t have any print ads to show we kind of had to. By using a classic Copenhagener bike wheel we wanted to turn our digital ‘showreel’ into an analogue ‘show wheel’. With help from friends we collected 6 iPhones, 6 headsets, wires, bolts, a bike wheel, a 4-feet iron pole and a garden pot filled with concrete and flew it all over to London. (We’re still wondering how we got that easy through airport security). Our friend, Daniel, helped us develop an app for the iPhones so we could customise how our different projects would be displayed. It all went really well, and we definitely impressed a CD or two.
The only bad news is that we lost all footage of the whole project due to Philips iPhone crashing just after the exhibition. So all we’re left with are these three pictures. Enjoy.

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Sid Lee Land

A few months ago we stumbled upon this application form for Sid Lee Land. We filled it out in a rather unusual way and thought that it was quite funny. Apparently, Sid Lee didn't since we never heard from them.

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My first ad

The other day I looked through my old external hard drive and found this gem. It's an ad I made in 7th grade during a school project. FYI it's all made in good ol' Microsoft Paint, and the "fish-looking" thing the guy on the right is holding, is actually a sword – and the guy is actually me.

COPY: "What wouldn't you do for Kellogg's Frosties"

COPY: "What wouldn't you do for Kellogg's Frosties"

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Cannes Lions 2014

We just got back from this years Cannes Lions. And it's definitely not the last time we're going. We went to a Finnish sauna party, got thrown off a Dutch yacht, went to a pool party in the mountains, drank loads of free rosé, ate even more free mini burgers, and we actually saw some really interesting and inspiring talks. The human eyeborg Neil Harbisson, Designer Anthony Burril and musician and founder of Red Bono, just to mention a few.

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YCN Student Awards 14

Wuhuuu! We've just been commended in this years YCN Student Awards. We got the great news just after getting back from England. This means we have to stop by London again in September to attend the awards ceremony which we're really looking forward to. Also we will have our work published in the annual YCN book! Check out our submission below.

The YCN Student Awards annualy shine a light on emerging creative excellence; and run closely alongside leading Universities, Colleges and Art & Design schools internationally. The awards are based around a collection of   live creative briefs  ; written each year by partnering organisations.

The YCN Student Awards annualy shine a light on emerging creative excellence; and run closely alongside leading Universities, Colleges and Art & Design schools internationally. The awards are based around a collection of live creative briefs; written each year by partnering organisations.

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AMAZING NEWS! – We're super proud to announce that we have won an In-Book award at this year's D&AD. We decided to have a go at the Unilever brief and we're really happy with the result which you can see below.

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Speed Selfie

One day, while sitting on the toilet, I discovered that you can trig the speed filter in Snapchat even though you're not traveling. All you have to do is move your phone really fast while taking a snap. I sent the snap to Philip, and soon we started to compete to see who could get the fastest snap. That escalated quickly into an online leaderboard where everyone can submit their own "speedselfies". Check it out here

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We won again!

Last Wednesday we went to the Danish Internet Awards 2014 in Copenhagen with two shortlists in the student category "DIA Future". Last year we won the category, so this year we felt the pressure of being the defending winners. The show was awesome and the food was too. (Morten especially had an epiphany when he tasted the cauliflower, white chocolate and chili soup). But, the most awesome thing that happened was that we won DIA Future again and therefore we are the first ever to win the category to times in a row. Wuhu!

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2 x shortlist at The Danish Internet Award!!

We are extremely proud that once again we have been shortlisted for The Danish Internet Awards - DIA Future. Five pieces have been shortlisted in the students category, and we made two of them - Wauw! Last year we won the award so this year we're extra excited to see what comes out of this. We'll find out on the 9th of April where we are going to the award show in Copenhagen. Fingers crossed!

You can see the projects here: