Döner Larsen


A couple of weeks ago Philip and I stumbled upon a pun.. (No pun intended). Anyway, in Denmark we have a legendary entrepreneur, Lars Larsen aka Dyne-Larsen (Eng: Duvet-Larsen). He's kind of the Danish version of Steve Jobs, except he sells duvets instead of computers. He is famous for his low budget tv commercials starring himself giving you "a good offer". In danish "duvet" and "Döner" sounds pretty much alike. So we made up "Döner Larsen" and remixed one of the old ads to suit the new name.

The original ad:

Our remake:

It was a silly idea but people seemed to like it. It went straight to the top of Danish Reddit. Also, a Danish unknown comedian decided to download the video from youtube and post it on his facebook. Even JYSK, the company we're spoofing, shared the video and now it has over 100.000 views. It was a very good day on the internet.

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