The Show Wheel


Philip and I just got back from Cream portfolio exhibition at BBH London. Instead of bringing a classic A3 portfolio book with our work in, we wanted to do something else. And since we didn’t have any print ads to show we kind of had to. By using a classic Copenhagener bike wheel we wanted to turn our digital ‘showreel’ into an analogue ‘show wheel’. With help from friends we collected 6 iPhones, 6 headsets, wires, bolts, a bike wheel, a 4-feet iron pole and a garden pot filled with concrete and flew it all over to London. (We’re still wondering how we got that easy through airport security). Our friend, Daniel, helped us develop an app for the iPhones so we could customise how our different projects would be displayed. It all went really well, and we definitely impressed a CD or two.
The only bad news is that we lost all footage of the whole project due to Philips iPhone crashing just after the exhibition. So all we’re left with are these three pictures. Enjoy.

Morten SchmidtComment